05 OCTOBER 2015


A man holds South African national flags. File photo.
Image by: Kevin Coombs / REUTERS found on Times Live

Is it wrong for believing people can actually change? what happened to second chances is not this world meant for mistakes? we make mistakes, we are all human, but at some point it depends on what kind of mistake it is for instance Juliuse Malema and Zwelindzima Vavi were accused of corruption in the past but does that mean that they are corrupt at this point, politics is something else if you ask me some pretend to protect the public while feeding their selfish egos and others pore out their hearts in what they do but, does that give us the right to judge and not give second chances?

Looking at the current government in charge i think they have got one too many chances if you ask me, but it is only my opinion.  South Africans are not being honest with themselves and this is affecting improvements and the change of this country.

Maybe the ANC is there one and only party that actually can protect the whole country, but is it? how can we know the effort or intentions of other parties if we stick to what we know, i know some will say, we trust the ANC but, is this not showing how we are so afraid of change as South Africans, we submit and accept anything, how can we cry out for change while even our own mentality has not change?i am not saying we should vote for another party but what i’m saying is, how long are we going to wait for change? other parties are stepping up, so ask yourself this, for how long are you going to be afraid of change?